An ant simulator, but at the moment it is more of a screensaver as there is no user input. Ants search the screen for the food (green squares), bring food back to the nest (black square). Once ten pieces of food is brought back to the nest a new ant is spawned. The ants leave trails behind them that fade over time. The ants can follow the trails back to the food once it is found.

Note that there are some bugs having to do with following the trails.


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Well, you've got the ant exploring movement looking good, but ants don't go straight back to the nest. It's actually really interesting how the pheromone trail works:

Thanks for the links!

I have to admit, if the ant exploring movement looks good at the moment than that was just by accident. I hadn't spent much time on research yet, but I planned to take a look. So these links are much appreciated.